Getting Elastic: attention points for EP6.1.2 starters

For anyone who decided to start e-commerce with ElasticPath (version 6.1.2 in particular): if you’re digging though official documentation already trying to get an understanding of what the EP "ecosystem" is and what installation/configuration process should be – here are some quirks and highlight points that are worth knowing.

Points covered here are: system overview; URLs, ports, credentials configurations; localization configuration for indexing/searches.

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SOLR NOT condition trick

Apache SOLR, an “open source enterprise search server”, demonstrates indecently inconsistent and illogical handling of NOT conditions in it’s queries (like “x:1 AND NOT x:2” producing 0 results, yet “x:1 AND (NOT x:2)” producing correct results etc).

We couldn’t play with braces because our conditions are autogenerated, so we needed a generic solution for this.

Fortunately, workaround has been found for this with simple Googling. Instead of querying for “… AND/OR (NOT [condition])” just use “… AND/OR (*:* NOT [condition])” or “… AND/OR (*:* AND NOT [condition])“.