AppleScript fun: iTunes/Cog current music in Skype status

Skype Current Music
AppleScript is Power! AppleScript is Fun! AppleScript will take care of putting my current music from iTunes and/or (most important) Cog to my Skype status.
Yes, there are tons of programs that will do it for iTunes, but not for Cog. This script will do it for both, and you can have both running at same time – if iTunes is running but isn’t playing, Cog status will be posted. Cool, huh? (-:

The code is based on the snippets provided by some good people in these posts:

Thanks people!

Note: code updated on Tuesday 26-th of October – now your custom status message will be shown before music. Music will always be added after it (even if tracks change and music info is already in mood message it will be handled properly).
Updated on 30-th of October! Support for titles of streams added (webradios etc).
Updated on 9-th of January 2011: fixed bug with iTunes track title being periodically replaced with Cog track title in case both apps are running but iTunes is currently playing. Updated screenshots.

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Bug in Skype on MacOS X (10.5.6)

"More neat bugs I found…"

I’ve found a little bug in Skype ( for MaxOS X) – a small one and easy to fix I guess. Nothing about core functionality, yes, of course it’s in UI – somehow GUIs seem to be most bug prone part of app soft.

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