Mew nusic + Nexsound

Some recent additions to my musical collection – this time a bit unusual:

These are Andrey Kiritchenko “Stuffed With/Out”, Zavoloka “Suspenzia”, Zavoloka + AGF “Nature never produces the same beat twice”, Alla Zagaykevych “Motus”, CAT “CAT”, Yevhen Stankovych “Ave Maria. Symphonic Poem. Black Elegy.” and Flёur “Almost alive + The Heart”.

First three are releases of Ukrainian experimental/avantgarde music label Nexsound. The label is a unique for Ukriane attempt to put experimental music on more/less professional rails, and I really appreciate that.

The funny thing about them is that their CDs cost >=$10 even for ukrainian “consumers”, which is quite unusual (and even annoying) for two reasons:
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