Getting Elastic: attention points for EP6.1.2 starters

For anyone who decided to start e-commerce with ElasticPath (version 6.1.2 in particular): if you’re digging though official documentation already trying to get an understanding of what the EP "ecosystem" is and what installation/configuration process should be – here are some quirks and highlight points that are worth knowing.

Points covered here are: system overview; URLs, ports, credentials configurations; localization configuration for indexing/searches.

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ElasticPath: browsing catalog without specifying category

Greetings dear readers,
As promised in previous post, this time I’m about to explain how to make ElasticPath 6.1.2 allow browsing catalog without specifying a category. This is probably one of the more significant changes we did to core EP6.1.2 logic, so I believe some people might find this post very helpful. On the other hand, the amount of lines of code and configs for this change is actually quite small, so don’t let the significance mention scare you off.
Note: I can not and wish not to give any guarantees about the code/configs provided in this or any other post in my blog – so use at your own risk.
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