Eclipse WTP Tomcat/JBoss Adapter issue – permanent starting

Eclipse WTP Tomcat and JBoss adapters have a certain bug that I’ve encountered recently, and due to conditions it occurred in it took almost a detective work to figure out.

I added a video below with all the details and a little demo – just for fun.

Long story short, the bug occurs on starting the server (be it Tomcat or JBoss) from Eclipse. When starting it Eclipse WTP Server Adapter starts a thread called PingThread that tries to connect to the server. If connection is OK, server is considered to be “Started”. Otherwise it’s shown as “Starting”, and if there’s a startup timeout configured, after the time of timeout passes server gets killed.
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Eclipse quirks

Eclipse Weblogic Connector
In Eclipse 3.3 (Europa) When installing Maven plugin (or just doing software update), do not update GEF SDK to 3.5.1 or… all server adapters except for Tomcats and Basic HTTP server will stop working )-:
And you won’t be able to uninstall it in configuration managing window ))-:
Make sure you have GEF 3.3.2.
(Took me couple of hours to find what exactly was causing the problem with the Weblogic adapter I needed )-: )


LibContanier LibContainer – an Eclipse plugin that may come handy.

LibContainer allows one to add a whole folder containing jars/zips to build path, meaning each jar/zip in the specified folder (and, optionally, it’s subfolders) would be added to build path of your Eclipse Java project. This is very handy ’cause you won’t hassle with adding/removing each of your dependencies files to and from build path manually.

(Sounds like a basic feature, right? But, unfortunately, it is not part of default Eclipse functionality. I wonder why – it should definitely be there).
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