Maudlin of the Copyleft Audiophile

One of the problems with music “piracy”, often named by copyright advocates, is that musicians themselves won’t have money to pay for studio time and other recording related services. I’ve been thinking about this from the copyleft point of view, and had an idea of “record pre-order”: the fans that ask for new album pay for it before the creation/recording starts. If in alleged time the sum is enough to do recording, the process starts. Otherwise everyone gets back his money and all the participants go home with nothing.
I didn’t really think it is possible in practice, because this kind of scheme requires decent level of “audiophile culture” from fans and decent organization from band/artist. On the other hand – who knows, maybe it already works for some bands. Anyway, since I’m not the quickest person on this planet, someone probably had already tried it.

Recently I’ve learned that the great Maudlin of the Well band, which has disbanded some time ago, reformed and released a new album. Great news!
But even more pleasant and surprising was that the album is officially available for free download (including lossless formats) because it’s recording was completely paid of fan pre-pays/donations (but still you may donate to the musicians themselves to reward them for their time and effort). So there is at least one completely working example of the above mentioned idea in practice.