Mew nusic + Nexsound

Some recent additions to my musical collection – this time a bit unusual:

These are Andrey Kiritchenko “Stuffed With/Out”, Zavoloka “Suspenzia”, Zavoloka + AGF “Nature never produces the same beat twice”, Alla Zagaykevych “Motus”, CAT “CAT”, Yevhen Stankovych “Ave Maria. Symphonic Poem. Black Elegy.” and Flёur “Almost alive + The Heart”.

First three are releases of Ukrainian experimental/avantgarde music label Nexsound. The label is a unique for Ukriane attempt to put experimental music on more/less professional rails, and I really appreciate that.

The funny thing about them is that their CDs cost >=$10 even for ukrainian “consumers”, which is quite unusual (and even annoying) for two reasons:
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Division of labor

Here’s a short (<10 min) YouTube clip taken out of National Geographics channel "Megastructures" series about building of Burj Al Arab in Dubai (a great piece of architecture BTW, but this time it’s not Santiago Calatrava – the architect’s name is Tom Wright).

One interesting subject here is problem of installation of very bit steal-tubes made “trusses” ends of which didn’t fit exactly the junction points because of thermal expansion – the distance from one point to another changed in +/- 5 cm in 24h.
Eventually one of the architects proposed simple yet effective solution – have a bigger “hole” at one junction in which the round steel bulk was placed, with eccentric “hole” of needed size in that bulk. So that when the bulk was rotated inside it’s “bigger hole”, the “smaller hole” used for top junction of truss was like changing it’s distance from the fixed bottom junction.

The funny moment is at 4:30: “Engineers thought about it, the structural fabricators, the steel fabricators, the architects, everybody thought about it, and it was actually one of the architects who came up with this great solution”.

When I heard this first thing I thought was… have they ever heard of division of labor? (-:

Well, in this case it actually is somewhat logical and forgivable – at least for engineers and architects it’s quite Ok IMO.
But severe cases sometimes (luckily not often) happen in software development… (don’t read further if you are one of my current or past supervisors)
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