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GPhoto2 Server – web interface for GPhoto2

There is an awesome UNIX/Linux utility called GPhoto2 (www.gphoto.org) that allows one to control DSLRs via USB. The amount of control is quite significant – one can make shots, download files and/or previews of photos, control aperture, exposure, ISO and many other settings that DSLRs expose (and even control focus servo, though with a bit of a hassle there).

The utility calls for a web interface – ever since I saw it I though how good would it be to control DSLR via WiFi from something like a Raspberry Pi (with battery) running GPhoto2. So I’ve started working a web interface for GPhoto2 – GPhoto2Server ( github.com/mvmn/gp2srv ), written in Java.

And now I’ve got first alpha version working. So I made a little video of it.

In order to get GPhoto2 on Raspberry Pi I’ve used this awesome project: github.com/gonzalo/gphoto2-updater.

And in order to make Raspberry Pi create own WiFi network I’ve used tutorial+distribs of hostapd from Adafruit: learn.adafruit.com/setting-up-a-raspberry-pi-as-a-wifi-access-point/overview.

8 thoughts on “GPhoto2 Server – web interface for GPhoto2

  1. Hi — any idea on how to get this running on OS X 10.6.8? I get a major.minor version error when I try to run the JAR file/ I’m running the last version of Java for this OS, 1.6_65. I guess I could compile from source using XCODE, if I knew how.

    • Hmm, I was trying to keep things Java 1.5 compatible, but I may have missed something there.
      I’ll try to run on 1.6 and see what is the culprit.

      Or if you see in error message which classes are built with higher Java version – let me know.

    • Right, I see now – I’m using Jetty 9 which requires Java 1.8. Unfortunately I can’t just switch to Jetty 8 (which is Java 1.6 compatible) because I’m also using WebSockets, and WebSockets are only available in Jetty 9.

      Apparently WebSockets support needs Servlet 3.1 spec, and Jetty 8 uses Servlet 3.0 spec. Only Jetty 9 has Servlet 3.1 support. Also Servlet 3.1 spec requires Java 7.

      Doesn’t look like I can work around this easily.

  2. I’m building an Ubuntu partition on the laptop (32 bit, 16.04) and will try again from there. I’m using a Nikon D70, without Live View. Does the interface show photos after they are taken? I’ve been unable to determine if it displays photos or stills from the Live View/

    Thanks for the help.

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