Ripping CDs with Raspberry Pi and Apple Superdrive

I’ve managed to turn my Raspberry Pi into a CD ripping station. There were a couple of issues to overcome though.

The ripping itself should be easy under Debian (Raspbian) Рjust install Morituri and there you go.

Bigger problem is to have a CD/DVD drive running unless you’ve got powered USB rack for PATA or SATA CD/DVD drives. But I had an Apple Superdrive USB CD/DVD drive, which is smaller and cuter, but a pain in the neck to get working under other systems than MacBook Air and latest MacBook Pros.

It turns out though that the issue is already solved:
Long story short, two things must be done to get it working under Debian:
1. Install SG3 Utils (do once):
sudo apt-get install sg3-utils
2. Use them to send special signal to Apple Superdrive (each time you reboot or plug in the drive):
sg_raw /dev/sr0 EA 00 00 00 00 00 01

Even bigger problem for Raspberry Pi is power. It always lacks power, and it absolutely cannot power Apple Superdrive with it’s USB ports power. The straightforward solution is to get a powered USB hub, but I didn’t have one at hand. Instead I had some USB Y-cable that had “female” connector in, and used that + separate USB power adaptor. Worked just like a powered USB hub.

Here’s the end result: