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Liferay in Action

It doesn’t seem to make much sense to post about Liferay since “Liferay in Action” book by Richard Sezov is out – that’s how good that books is. Really.

But, as it is mentioned in the book itself, Liferay is very alive at the moment, it is in dynamic development and new changes arrive all the time. Thus it makes perfect sense to comment on what has changed since the book is out (-:

I haven’t done any review of the changes made to Liferay in recent months, so no complete list in this post – maybe in future ones. But there are a couple of things that I want to mention right away because I stumbled across them in my day-to-day practice, which means other people will be stumbling over those often too, I presume.

First, the book explicitly states there is no way to add Servlet Filter to Liferay’s main portal web app without using EXT, that this cannot be accomplished via hook. Well, this is no longer true for 6.1hooks can add Servlet Filters to portal’s webapp now, hooray!
When I noticed that I’ve immediately decided to make a post about it, since it’s not clear when this information will be added to the book – since that requires a new edition to be published actually. This is unfortunate, because this is an important feature in my opinion.

Second, there is a Poller API in Liferay that’s totally omitted in the book, even though it isn’t new – because it wasn’t considered stable and useful enough by Richard Sezov.
I agree with him – Poller doesn’t seem to have a lot of advantage over custom AJAX calls as far as I can tell (I might be wrong, but that’s my impression so far). One probably shouldn’t really use it. But, when one has to do thing with Liferay’s Chat portlet that uses Poller it’s good to know about it and some details on how it works under the hood.
This post on Liferay’s forums should provide quite complete info on the subject.


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