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Java commandline calendar version 1.0

Okay, here we go
Java commandline calendar version 1.0

These are just 4 layers of jccal version 1.0 in GeekTool (-:

So, the big news are that jccal seems to be ready, all sources are up-to-date on GitHub, and also build 1.0 is there just waiting to be downloaded:

UPD: screenshot with a different font and better layout

As you can probably figure out from screenshot, using relative dates allows you to have current month in one place on the desktop, surrounded by future and past months from the sides.
Note: To figure out how to do it with jccal just run it with -help parameter – and you’ll get usage and parameters help.

Using GeekTool I added 4 layers – topmost is for highlighting current day+day of week+week number+month of course.
Rest are to create the fade out effect. Lowest lever shows months from previous 3 to next 2 with low opacity. Medium level shows months from previous 1 to next 1 with higher opacity, and top level (that is not counting highlights level) shows current month only. I think it looks pretty neath, though more layers can be added safely of course.

Currently jccal doesn’t allow you to specify first day of the week (it’s always monday, though some may need/prefer sunday). This is a side effect of using my custom dates API that doesn’t yet support such setting. But it shouldn’t be too hard to add, so who knows – I’ve spent enough time building command line calendar tools already, but maybe that would actually be the reason to finish it all properly.
Also I don’t know if it matters for anyone that ISO rule is used to determine first week of year – that is the first week of year to have 4 days this year (or, equally, first week to include Thursday this year) – and there is no way to change that. Java Calendar allows one to specify minimal days in week amount, so maybe I will be adding this too in future. But since I’m not really using this dates API for anything else than jccal ATM, it may not be done soon.

Anyhow, I hope jccal version 1.0 should already be sufficient to make GeekTool users happier (-:

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