Windows shell lang neckbreak

Windows Shell Bug Now I have one very good reason to never install anything again in “Program Files (x86)” folder where 64-bit Windows XP usually puts 32-bit apps. The reason is closing bracket character “)” in path, which in combination with “special” behavior of windows cmd.exe shell can (and will) give you a lot of pain in the neck if you do shell scripting (under Win AKA batch scripting). And even if you don’t do shell scripting yourself, some shell scripts that you or any soft you use might need to run, may break.

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Eclipse quirks

Eclipse Weblogic Connector
In Eclipse 3.3 (Europa) When installing Maven plugin (or just doing software update), do not update GEF SDK to 3.5.1 or… all server adapters except for Tomcats and Basic HTTP server will stop working )-:
And you won’t be able to uninstall it in configuration managing window ))-:
Make sure you have GEF 3.3.2.
(Took me couple of hours to find what exactly was causing the problem with the Weblogic adapter I needed )-: )

Linksys WRT54GL automated DHCP renew

RouterResetter I’ve been having trouble with my Internet connection at home – from time to time the connection stalled and I had to make router renew IP via DHCP to get connection back (any my router is Linksys WRT54GL).

Don’t know whose fault it is – router or provider (I blame provider because this tends to happen more often at night, and I don’t think my router has a clock in it (-; ), but I’m not that good at networks to find the problem and fix it (especially if it’s at provider side – I can never convince them that something that happens “once in a while… oh wait, it just happened, yes!” (-: is their fault).

So I decided to make a little program that would do this for me – check Internet connection on timely basis, and make router renew IP if connection is dead (by sending POST request to it’s web interface page), so I wouldn’t have to do it myself (and also could leave downloads for night (-: ).
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