LibContanier LibContainer – an Eclipse plugin that may come handy.

LibContainer allows one to add a whole folder containing jars/zips to build path, meaning each jar/zip in the specified folder (and, optionally, it’s subfolders) would be added to build path of your Eclipse Java project. This is very handy ’cause you won’t hassle with adding/removing each of your dependencies files to and from build path manually.

(Sounds like a basic feature, right? But, unfortunately, it is not part of default Eclipse functionality. I wonder why – it should definitely be there).
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–°opyright marasmus #N

A bit of old news I missed… (original article dated 4-th may 2009)

Another relapse of copyright marasmus.
Apparently, the copyright paranoia is incurable.

Quoting the original text from

Over on the Sire Records web site, they have a big page full of music videos from all their artists… Except that if you actually click on any of them to play, they’ve *all* been taken down for copyright infringment… by Warner Music Group, Sire’s parent company.
Their long arm of the law has stretched all the way around the internet to spank themselves in the ass.