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Thue in Java

Having some free time and a bit of hunger for desktop Java development I’ve implemented quite nice Thue programming language interpreter (specially for LJ-user Danner who seems to have finally found programming language that suits his unusual likings).

I did it for training and I’m not copyright obsessed so I give it free to whoever might want it. I’ve shared it so anyone may download it with sources from Archive.org or from this location.

UPD: Now also on GitHub – https://github.com/mvmn/Thue-in-java

A video + few screenshots for teasing:

Sierpinski’s triangle in Thue:

Click to Enlarge

Source code of “99 bottles of bear” in Thue:

Click to Enlarge


Known issues: for some reason selection-highlight and colorizing of data tokens (which can be seen on screenshot, because it was made under Mac OS X) doesn’t work under Windows (in “Metal” look and feel at least, maybe will work under “Nimbus” L&F that comes with Java6).

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