One more little bug

A subtle bug in UI of Archive Extraction Wizard built in Win XP 64 (which is same as Win 2003 Server AFAIK). The bug is nothing critical and nothing really special, but it’s quite fun (-:

(click here or on the video to go directly to YouTube and see it in a slightly better quality with more readable text)


All those who hate Australia…

All those who hate Australia, rejoice – it’s heading full-speed to informational dictatorship and self-destruction.

According to this article (russian lang.) (based on this news article on Slashdot), the Australian Communications and Media Authority made a list of forbidden websites and demands all Internet providers to block these sites, although there is no legal basis for this demand.

The excuse for this action is that “the law for this is about to be enacted soon”. But that’s just the beginning.

The list itself is a state secret, and it’s disclosure is criminally prosecuted.
Posting a hyperlink to a site from this list leads to severe fines (like $11000 per day!).

Of course, since the list is state secret you’ll never know that you’ve posted a forbidden link, until you’ll be fined for a pile of money. The scheme is purely for making huge money out of nothing. You’ve just been robbed, dear australians.

According to the info, the list itself contains items like anti-abortion web-site, some pages of wikileaks, some politics-oriented web-resources etc, and (as a curiosity, ha) an analogous list of sites forbidden in Denmark.

What can I say? Keep on rotting in a "free" world.

Thue in Java

Having some free time and a bit of hunger for desktop Java development I’ve implemented quite nice Thue programming language interpreter (specially for LJ-user Danner who seems to have finally found programming language that suits his unusual likings).

I did it for training and I’m not copyright obsessed so I give it free to whoever might want it. I’ve shared it so anyone may download it with sources from or from this location.

UPD: Now also on GitHub –

A video demo for teasing:
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