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Mew nusic + Nexsound

Some recent additions to my musical collection – this time a bit unusual:

These are Andrey Kiritchenko “Stuffed With/Out”, Zavoloka “Suspenzia”, Zavoloka + AGF “Nature never produces the same beat twice”, Alla Zagaykevych “Motus”, CAT “CAT”, Yevhen Stankovych “Ave Maria. Symphonic Poem. Black Elegy.” and Flёur “Almost alive + The Heart”.

First three are releases of Ukrainian experimental/avantgarde music label Nexsound. The label is a unique for Ukriane attempt to put experimental music on more/less professional rails, and I really appreciate that.

The funny thing about them is that their CDs cost >=$10 even for ukrainian “consumers”, which is quite unusual (and even annoying) for two reasons:
– first is that average licenced repress (not original, but what’s the difference?) Audio CD in average store costs <=$5 (yes, CDs in Russia, Ukraine and CIS countries are cheaper than in Europe for different economical reasons)
– second is that interest to experimental music in Ukraine is AFAIK particularily low (for example I personally know only one person in whole city beside myself that could possibly be interested in that kind of music).

I don’t know if it is the “originality” of CDs (meaning that they come from label directly and are not licenced “repress” or whatever it is called) that makes prices so high? Maybe, although I don’t know much about the places where Nexsound press their CDs – are they comparable to major labels analogues?
And having equals prices for consumers inside and outside Ukraine is clearly not logical to me.

And on top of it all there is this message on Nexsound’s site saying something like “why are we selling CDs so cheap? Because we want you to buy more and listen to instead of having them in our stores collecting dust”. I laughed, really.

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