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Google educational videos

Some nice videos from Google Educational programs I watched recently – really interesting:
1. Linus Torvalds on GIT @ YouTube
It’s really interesting to see Linus Torvalds speaking – the man behind the Linux kernel truly possesses great mind, but also a special charisma of engineer enthusiast and open source software ideologist.
2. Randal Schwartz on GIT (continuation of Linus Torvaldses talk on GIT 6 months after) @ Google Video
Now this man truly knows how to make a lecture informative and waste no time. Very fast but very comprehensible pronunciation – a perfect lector IMO.
3. How to break a web software (vulnerabilities overview) by Mike Andrews @ YouTube
Not so wide known person but much more interesting subject and a good deal of actual technical details. The content here is worth spending time watching for any web-developer IMO.


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