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DNS problems? No more!

Are you having problems with DNS? If yes, there is a way to remedy this.
(If no – don’t bother thyself reading (-; )

My current Internet provider, among other problems, is often having various problems with their DNS servers (I won’t tell the name of the provider, but give you a clue: it’s from Lviv:Ukraine and it’s name is about air and using teeth (-; I’m about to change it as soon as contract ends, and my personal opinion on it is… avoid it like a plague!).

So I was browsing web for any possible solution, although I was quite pessimistic about it. And I have found something far beyond my expectations!

Let me introduce the Open DNS
(Currently you may reach the site on if your DNS is already dead (-: )

Open DNS provides 100% complete and working DNS servers, which are fast, reliable and free of charge. Almost impossible combination of good price, quality and performance!

Note: I must say I’m only using OpenDNS for several minutes now, and my judgment is heavily based on opinions in web.
Still, I switched to it and it works 100%, and moreover it seems to work faster than my provider’s DNS (because my provider suxx). That’s simply great and thus even deserves a payment, but it is totally free of charge!

The Terms of Service of Open DNS are somewhat hard to understand for non-native English speaker like me, but the ToS themselves are licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 2.5 License, which is nice IMO.

Here’s a good article about OpenDNS on wyckedone.net.

As a conclusion I’d (more/less) second the one made by author of the article above – don’t switch to Open DNS if you don’t have real problems with DNSs of you provider (leave channel free for those who do (-; ).


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