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Snow-White Silence…

It’s a first snow! Yes!

Not the first falling one, but the first snow that stayed and didn’t melt on reaching the ground.
And the first snow-silence that meets you in a morning and makes you listen to it and wounder what happend to the sounds. The sounds of cars raging on the roads, the noise of people, the sounds of neighbours counducting their usual life – everything became so quiet and unnoticeable… yet haven’t ceased at all, so you can almost hear it at the very edge of senses, you can almost hear it, almost.

The wintry cold and vast snowscapes – quite a deadly things on their own, must I say – in combination with civilization and electricity had become very pleasant, especially when you don’t need to go anywhere and can just stay at home, listening to music, with a cup of hot tea and Internet connection – what could have been better than this? Nothing, ofcourse.


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