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The Source of…

/* Happy birthday this blog */

package uv.ss.organic.erl.homo.sapiens.culture.western.comm.el.internet.www.blog.wordpress.users.mvmn;

import uv.ss.organic.species.homo.sapiens.*;
import uv.ss.organic.species.homo.sapiens.culture.western.comm.el.internet.www.blog.*;
import uv.ss.organic.species.homo.sapiens.culture.western.comm.el.internet.www.blog.wordpress.*;

public class Blog extends GenericWordPressBlogImpl {

// Let it be singleton
private Blog() { super(BlogPropertiesFactory.getInstance().getProperties(Blog.class)); }
private static Blog instance = new Blog();
public static getInstance() { return instance; }

/* Let’s think before posting */
public post(WordPressBlogPost blogPost) {
HomoSapiens author = this.getDefaultAuthor();


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